Introduction, Classification of Fire
Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems,
     Stairwell Pressurization System
Fire Water Sump Sizing, Overhead Tank Sizing,
     Sprinklers – Types} Selection, Designing}
    Pipe sizing
Fire Hose Cabinet Fire Hydrant Selection, Fire
     Fighting Hydraulic Calculations} Head Loss
Pump Head Calculations For High Rise Buildings
Fire Water Pump [Main Pump} Jockey Pump and Diesel Pump]
Classification Types and Selection
NFPA, NBC & FSAI Codes for Fire Fighting System Designing
FM200 System Designing [Waterless Fire Protection system]:
     Capacity Pipe Sizing, Nozzle Selection, Fire Alarm
    System Designing
Smoke Detector (Ionization Type, Optical)
Heat Detector, Linear Heat Detection Cable} Flame Detector
VESDA -Aspirating System
ELITE- Fire Hydraulic Calculation